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April 2014 LHRC Meeting

April 17, 2014 | 1:00 PM | 502 Old Lynchburg Rd


LHRC Board Members in attendance:
John Shepherd
Cali Gaston

Advocates in attendance:
Chuck Collins, Regional Human Rights Advocate
Mark Seymour, Regional Human Rights Advocate

Affiliates in attendance:
Ann Mays, Region Ten CSB
Savannah Thompson, Lutheran Family Services of Va.
Leonard, Lutheran Family Services of Va.
John Santowski, ARC of the Piedmont
Pam Golas, Wall Residences
Claudia Hildebrand, Little Keswick School
Rondalyn Palmer, Fair Winds
Leela Lipscombe, Counseling Alliance of Virginia
Kristen Ault, New Y-CAPP
Matthew Osborne, VIA
Tyrone Hilton, Envision Solutions
Dianne Proctor, Creative Family Solutions
Alison Salanova, Worksource Enterprises
Amy Banner, Blue Ridge First Step
Debra Knighton, Thrive
Mindi Perry, ARS Pantops
Darian Hall, Family Preservation Services
Lindsay Jackson, Wall Residences
Sebastian Symeonides, VABODE

Meeting Minutes

Items covered during the meeting:

  • Meeting was called to order at 1:00 p.m.
  • There is no quorum at today’s meeting so all items presented have been recommended for approval/denial.
  • Everyone in the room introduced him/herself for the record.
  • Minutes for January meeting were recommended for approval.

Human Rights Advocates Report- 

- Chuck Collins -
- Larry Hastings, One of the founders for the UVA LHRC and chair for UVA LHRC for the past six years has passed away.
- DOJ Agreement – Advocates are required to go visit group homes to determine if it will be a good match.
- New HR Regulations are coming. (Date unknown at this time)
- New WSH opened on Nov. 19th, the “kinks” are still being worked out. The old campus was bought by the City of Staunton.

- Mark Seymour –
- Commented on the Deeds tragedy.
- Also reported that Commonwealth Center is overcrowded. It is a 48 bed facility and has had 50 admissions. Kids are sleeping in “quiet” rooms and they have hired a security guard for the first time ever.
- CHRIS – Reports still having glitches.
- Margaret Walsh reminds affiliates to check the “safety & quality” alerts under the resource tab on website.

Comments from Affiliates- Buzz Barnett from Region Ten Community Services Board came and discussed the changes occurring due to the Deeds Crisis.

Annual Reports from Affiliated Providers - Annual Reports from Envision Solutions, Virginia Institute of Autism and Little Keswick School were given.

Quarterly Reports – The following reports were not received, Blue Ridge First Step, ARS Pantops Clinic, Reach, and Family Preservation. 


Wall Residences – Notification of 4 new sponsored residential providers (205 William Rd., Ruckersville, 525 Azalea Street, Culpeper, 1001 Hendrick St. Culpeper and 5415 Jefferston Road, Jefferston, VA were given.

VIABILITY – Notification to include/add adults diagnosed with ID was given along with notification of new service location, 3500 Remson Ct, Charlottesville.

Little Keswick School – Notification to add “The Bridge Experience” was given.

New Y-CAPP – Notification to add three new TDT locations, Central Elementary, Carysbrook Elementary, and Adams Academy were given

National Counseling Group – Requested affiliation which was recommended for approval. 

Lutheran Family Services – Notification of two new sponsored sites, Barn Road, Keswick and 511 8th Street, Charlottesville was given.

The LHRC Meeting was adjourned.

The next meeting will be held on Thursday, July 17, 2014

We would like to thank everyone that attended this meeting and those who presented during the meeting. Please remember that everyone is invited to attend each LHRC Meeting held.