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January 24, 2013

January 24, 2013 | | 1:00


Meeting Minutes


Local Human Rights Committee Meeting

Thursday, January 24, 2013

1:00 PM

502 Old Lynchburg Rd



LHRC Board Members in attendance:

John Shepherd

Cali Gaston

Tina Robertson


Advocates in attendance:

Chuck Collins, Regional Human Rights Advocate

Mark Seymour, Regional Human Rights Advocate


Affiliates in attendance:

Jeffrey Barth, Virginia Neurocare

Harley White, START

Sheri Gauthier, Region Ten CSB

Savannah Thompson, Lutheran Family Services of Va.

Tania Dawn, ARC of the Piedmont

John Santowski, ARC of the Piedmont

Lanette Wood, Wall Residences

Amy Berry, Wall Residences

Tyrone Hilton, Envision Solutions

Elizabeth Ransom, Envision Solutions

Sebastian Symeonides, VABODE

Gene Lemarr, Little Keswick School

Robins Rudacil, Worksource Enterprises

Darien Hall, Family Preservation Services


Items covered during the meeting:

  • Meeting called to order at 1:00 p.m.
  • Everyone in the room introduced him/herself for the record.
  • April meeting will be rescheduled to May 2, 2013.
  • Minutes for October meeting were approved.


  • Human Rights Advocates Report-  

- Chuck commented that the DOJ agreement still top priority at the department right now.  Human Rights regulations are being revised and there will be an opportunity for public comment.  CHRIS system is being implemented and all providers will be responsible for entering their own data.    

- Mark reported that residential treatment center are going out of business and/or operating at a reduced capacity.  Many children are now being seen on an Outpatient basis.  



      Comments from Affiliates-


- The Arc of the Piedmont commented on a very pleasant experience working with a consumer and the START program. 

- Dr. Jeffrey Barth was introduced by Chuck Collins.  Mr. Barth will be taking over at NeuroRestorative for Don Niddifer.


  • Annual Reports from Affiliated Providers – Annual Reports from ARS Pantops Clinic, Arc of the Piedmont, VABODE, Family Preservation & Wall Residences were presented.  Not in attendance was Meridian House, Creative Family Solutions & Fair Winds they will be added to the agenda for the next meeting.     



  • ARC of the Piedmont –Request for renewals of 5 protective restraints.  Approval given for one year.   
  • Region Ten CSB – Notification of temporary sponsor move to 2730 Hunt Country Way, Charlottesville, VA. 
  • Lutheran Family Services – Notification given for two new sponsored residential sites (114 Wildflower Drive, Charlottesville, VA & 9239 Chestnut Grove Road, Esmont, VA) ~ approved.  
  • Wall Residences – Request affiliation of 3 new sponsored residential sites (2015 Cranberry Lane, Culpeper, Va, 6333 James Madison Hwy, Fork Union, Va. & 1193 Elk Creek Road, Mineral, Va.) ~ approved


The LHRC Meeting was adjourned.


We would like to thank everyone that attended this meeting and those who presented during the meeting. Please remember that everyone is invited to attend each LHRC Meeting held.