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May 2, 2013

May 02, 2013 | 1:00 |


Meeting Minutes

ocal Human Rights Committee Meeting

Thursday, May 2, 2013

1:00 PM

502 Old Lynchburg Rd



LHRC Board Members in attendance:

John Shepherd

Cali Gaston

Tina Robertson

Creed Leffler


Advocates in attendance:

Chuck Collins, Regional Human Rights Advocate

Mark Seymour, Regional Human Rights Advocate


Affiliates in attendance:

Jeffrey Barth, NeuroRestorative

Lisa Beach, NeuroRestorative

Sheri Gauthier, Region Ten CSB

Savannah Thompson, Lutheran Family Services of Va.

Alicia Cowan-Brown, Lutheran Family Services of Va.

John Santowski, ARC of the Piedmont

Deanna Rennon, Wall Residences

Amy Berry, Wall Residences

Tyrone Hilton, Envision Solutions

Mark Columbus, Little Keswick School

Robins Rudacil, Worksource Enterprises

Darien Hall, Family Preservation Services

Scott Worley, Creative Family Solutions

Jared Walding, VIA

Emily Callahan, VIA

Rondalyn Palmer, Fair Winds

Leela Lipscombe, CAVA

Gene Cash, CAVA

James Rogauskas, Citizen


Items covered during the meeting:

  • Meeting called to order at 1:00 p.m.
  • Everyone in the room introduced him/herself for the record.
  • Minutes for January meeting were approved.


  • Human Rights Advocates Report-  

Chuck commented on:

- CHRIS system implementation and the fact that   some are reporting problems with using the system. 

-Discussed the Human Rights survey that was sent to all providers. 

-WSH will move September 15th.

-DOJ settlement going well


Mark commented on:


-Commonwealth Center will be getting a new Director as  Joe Tuel is retiring. 



      Comments from Affiliates-


- Dr. Jeffrey Barth, introduced the new Director for NeuroRestorative, Lisa Beach. 


  • Annual Reports from Affiliated Providers – Annual Reports from Creative Family Solutions, Fair Winds, Envision Solutions, NeuroRestorative, Lutheran Family Serivces, Virginia Institute of Autism & Little Keswick School were presented.  Not in attendance was Meridian House & Family & Adolescent Services, they will be added to the agenda for the next meeting.     



  • Lutheran Family Services – Notification given for new Day Program which opened on April 1st.  
  • Wall Residences – Request affiliation of new sponsored residential site (Belle Meade Road, Louisa, VA) was approved as well as approval was given for sedation for eye procedure for one individual. 
  • CAVA – Request for affiliation was approved. 


The LHRC Meeting was adjourned.


We would like to thank everyone that attended this meeting and those who presented during the meeting. Please remember that everyone is invited to attend each LHRC Meeting held.