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Kathy Williams recognized by Region Ten Board

March 27, 2015 | 0 Comments
by Martha Maltais

Region Ten’s Fiscal Director Kathy Williams was recognized at the March 9, 2015 meeting of the Region Ten Board of Directors for her outstanding work in coordinating and overseeing the renovations  at the newly rebuilt Peterson Building, home of the Peterson Health Center.  In her role with Region Ten, she not only oversees the fiscal department, but the physical facilities functions as well.  The Peterson renovation project  has been the most ambitious Region Ten renovation project to date, and required a large investment of her  time and attention.  

Region Ten staff join the Board of Directors in congratulating and thanking Kathy  Williams for this excellent achievement.

Pictured from left: Deputy Executive Director Caruso Brown, Kathy Williams, Region Ten Board Chair Peter DeMartino


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Martha is the Senior Director of Adult Development Services for Region Ten Community Services Board.