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April 2019 Board Minutes

April 08, 2019 | 4:00 PM | 500-B Old Lynchburg Rd


Members Present

Jeff Gould, Vice-Chair

Albert LaFave

Barbara Barrett, Chair

Sena Magill

John Kronstain

Victoria Waterfield

Nadia Anderson

Peggy Whitehead, Secretary

Linda Hanson


Others Present

Lisa Beitz, Executive Director

Jessica Phipps, Executive Assistant

Don Long, Attorney- Flora Pettit

Matt Quatrara, Attorney-Flora Pettit

Members Absent

Nora Demleitner

Stephen Wunsh

James Murphy

Meeting Minutes

I.   Call to Order

Ms. Barrett called the meeting to order at 4:00 PM.

II.   Welcome

Ms. Barrett welcomed everyone to the meeting.

III.   Comments from the Public

There were no comments at this time.

IV.   Chair’s Remarks

Ms. Barrett reminded Board Members that some terms are ending soon. Anyone who would like to remain on the Board should reapply with their localities.

 Ms. Barrett requested volunteers for the Nominating Committee. The committee will nominate a new Chair, Vice-Chair and Secretary. Mr. LaFave volunteered. Ms. Barrett will ask Mr. Wunsh if he’ll join the committee.

 Ms. Barrett will send the draft Bylaws to the Board for review. A vote will be held at the May meeting.

 VACSB conference is May 1-3. The Dogwood parade is April 27th.

 The Board welcomed Linda Hanson and Andre Lewis to the Board as representatives from Charlottesville.

V.   Executive Director’s Remarks

See previous month’s packet. Departments created posters to showcase their services for the 50th Anniversary Celebration. The large 50 from the event will be part of the parade coming up on the 27th. The hour prior to the Board Meeting in June will be used for a dinner with Leadership Team. No business will be conducted during this time. Ms. Maltais has agreed to consult as needed during the transition with the new Developmental Director comes into the position, once 30 days have cleared around her retirement.

The Assisted Living Facility is doing well. No complaints have come forward from the community. We currently have 15 beds filled. There are 45 beds open. A team of three goes to WSH every week to see what the needs are. Any referrals we have received from WSH have been accepted. An ICC Team is being created to address mental health needs of the ALF consumers. Step 3 in STEP-VA is Outpatient Counseling. The goal is to have a basic set of services that you can expect to see at every CSB in VA. WRAP facilitators and classes can assist in offering help to consumers which can help keep down hospitalizations.

MOHR is still looking for a nurse. WTC is finding that women with children, new babies, or are pregnant, are having issues being in the same program together. WRC is tracking nicely. The 4 acute needs beds have been remodeled to offer a more recovery focused feeling.

VI.   Consent Agenda

Mr. Gould motioned to approve the consent agenda. Ms. Waterfield seconded motion. The motion was unanimously approved.

VII.   Ad Hoc Committee on Diversity, Inclusion and Consumer Advocacy Report

The committee reviewed the organizational self-assessment used to grade diversity within an organization. The feedback from self was that a discussion about diversity is needed before the self-assessment. About 20 staff attended a Ken Hardy Discussion on Race seminar. This same group has met once to discuss what they learned and take down some ideas. The group will be meeting again within the next two weeks. The HR department is also working on more targeted recruitment and diversity and inclusion are also being looked at within the strategic planning. A healthier organization means healthier consumers with less barriers and more inclusion and access to services.

 The Committee is not heading in the direction it originally was planned, as the needs are mostly being met within the agency. The committee did ask for Board feedback on where they should head now, as well as their mission. Suggestion boxes were requested to be used to assist this process. It was suggested that the committee become a formal standing committee that perhaps only meets quarterly. This would allow them to check into make sure that the diversity and inclusion needs are still being worked towards.

 Ms. Beitz would like to invite Ken Hardy to come train staff and the Board as well. The question was asked where things stand with the immigration community. Ms. Beitz will follow up with the Board.

 Ms. Anderson would like to know what the committee’s goals and mission are. The suggestion was put forward to look at other local diversity and equity committees to see what they are doing and looking at, to gain some knowledge and ideas on how to proceed. Another suggestion was to get on newsletter mailings for committees and groups within the region. The focus needs to remain on what Region Ten can do to aid the community. Ms. Waterfield would like to know quarterly, what is happening with diversity for the following three areas: the Board, Personnel, and consumers. Board oversite of what the agency is doing in regards to diversity. A retreat to include consumers at the table was suggested. The proposal was to have everyone together to discuss needs and concerns.

 Mr. LaFave originally made the motion in an effort to be certain consumers were being heard, as well as understanding what we mean to the community. How as Board members, can we assist the community to understand what Region Ten is doing, to relay information and questions between the Board and the community. “To be solution focused”.

VIII.   Public Policy & Advocacy Committee

The committee is working on a letter to send to localities requesting a meeting. The meeting would include a Board member from the locality and a staff member to assist in answering questions. Ms. Waterfield would like to know who from each locality would like to meet with their supervisors. Louisa: Mr. Gould wills peak to Mr. Wunsh to see who will visit. Nelson will be taken care of by Ms. Whitehead. Mr. Kronstain and Mr. Lewis will take care of Charlottesville. Mr. LaFave will speak for Albemarle. Ms. Anderson will take care of Fluvanna and Ms. Waterfield will speak to Mr. Murphy about speaking to Greene. Ms. Beitz and Ms. Barrett may speak instead, as Mr. Murphy is running for a position on the Greene County Board of Supervisors.

 Ms. Barrett suggested that it may be better to meet with State Legislators now and talk to local supervisors in the fall. The committee thought it may be better to “relationship build” now with the localities instead of during budget season when everyone is asking for money. The goal this round is to listen to what the localities have to say or ask.

 IX.    Personnel Committee

The committee will met with Leadership Team to review the performance review. In May, the committee will need to vote on renewal of Ms. Beitz’s contract. The next meeting will be set after the Board Meeting.

X.   Other Business

The Fundraising Committee has outline their calendar related to the grants. The minutes from the last meeting are coming. The draft letter will be presented to the committee. A request was made to hear from staff about their awarded grants. Leadership Team will designate who will present their grants. Fundraising will meet later in April.

 SAARA has met four times now. The group is advocacy and knowledge based. The community is stepping up and becoming involved.

 A large scale orientation will be held for the Board in the coming months.

XI.   Adjournment

The meeting was adjourned.