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December 2016 Board Minutes

December 12, 2016 | 4:00 PM | 800 Preston Ave., 800-C


Members Present

 Patricia Hughes, Chair                                                                                        

Claudia Allen                                                                        

Dr. Jerry Swiggett

Jeff Gould

Missy Wernstrom, Secretary

Albert LaFave

Elliott Harding

Daniel Krasnegor, Vice-Chair   

Summer Sage


Others Present

 Jessica Phipps, Executive Assistant

Robert Johnson, Executive Director

Kathy Williams, Senior Director of Finance

Members Absent

 Eddie Deane

Mary Sullivan                                                                              

Meeting Minutes

I.   Call to Order

Ms. Hughes called the meeting to order at 4:00 PM.

 II.   Welcome

Ms. Hughes welcomed everyone to the meeting.

 III.   Comments from the Public

There were no comments at this time.

 IV.   Chair’s Remarks

Ms. Hughes thanked everyone for attending the meeting and wished everyone a good holiday season. Ms. Hughes presented Mr. Johnson with a letter of gratitude for his years of service.

 V.   Executive Director’s Remarks

See previous month’s packet. Mr. Johnson wished everyone a happy holiday season. The capital campaign will be wrapping up soon. Should be hearing from the final grant submissions within the next week or two. Waiting to hear back from the Perry Foundation and Bama Works. Mr. Johnson and Mr. Brown will provide a full report in January. The name of the center is being considered.

 Motion made to contact one of the friends of Region Ten who has been instrumental in working alongside our staff in securing contacts and donations for the Women’s Treatment Center to formally ask if she would affirm our desire to name the center after her. If she does not wish to have the center named after her, the board will ask whether or not she would be opposed to having one of the areas of the center named after her. The chair will make this contact. The motion was unanimously approved.

 VI.   Consent Agenda

Ms. Hughes asked for any changes to the agenda. The Governance Committee will move to present after the Fundraising Committee. The change was approved.

 VII.   Fundraising Committee

The committee was presented with 36 grant applications. Of these, 26 grant applications were approved to be brought to the Board. Some grants were partially funded.

 Motion: The Fundraising Committee moves that the Board approve the selection of awardees made by the Fundraising Committee. The motion was unanimously approved.

 VIII.   Governance Committee Update

Mr. Krasnegor presented the Board with a draft set of Bylaws for review. This draft includes edits and comments related to changes. The proposed changes will be voted on in January.

 IX.   Advocacy Committee Update

Meeting held to go over the goals of the committee and how to be more effective bringing in localities and legislators. In the spring or early summer, host a retreat for localities and legislators and community partners to come in and discuss their needs and to learn more about Region Ten and what our needs are.

 Mr. Johnson has requested that Board members reach out to the localities to request meetings with the Boards of Supervisors. Request for talking points/script for Board members to use during their meetings with the local Boards of Supervisors.

 X.   Other Business

There was no additional business at this time.

 XI.   Adjournment

The meeting was adjourned.