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December 2017 Board Meeting

December 12, 2017 | 4:00 PM | 800-C, Preston Ave.


Members Present

 Patricia Hughes, Chair                                                                     

Daniel Krasnegor, Vice-Chair                                                              

Claudia Allen                       

Dr. Jerry Swiggett

Jeff Gould

Missy Wernstrom

Albert LaFave

Brian Pinkston, Secretary

Stephen Wunsh

Nora Demleitner


Others Present

 Jessica Phipps, Executive Assistant

Marcia Becker, Interim Executive Director

Kathy Williams, Senior Director

Members Absent

 Summer Sage

Barbara Barrett

Meeting Minutes

I.   Call to Order

Ms. Hughes called the meeting to order at 4:00 PM.

 II.   Welcome

Ms. Hughes welcomed everyone to the meeting.

 III.   Comments from the Public

There were no comments at this time.

 IV.   Chair’s Remarks

Ms. Hughes wished everyone a happy holiday season. Mr. Pinkston read an article in the UVA Daily by Richard Bonnie who has been working with Senator Deeds and the reconfiguration of the CSBs. Mr. Pinkston met with Mr. Farrelly with the Institute of Law, Psychiatry, and Public Policy at UVA, who works with Mr. Bonnie. Spoke as well about additional ways in assisting with Lisa Beitz.

 V.   Executive Director’s Remarks

See previous month’s packet. Ms. Becker had lunch with Lisa Beitz on Friday. Leadership Team is looking forward to working with her. Lynn Shoen will be retiring March 2nd. Leadership Team is waiting for Lisa Beitz to be in place before figuring out how to proceed with replacing Lynn Shoen.

 Personnel records are being updated. Staff who are missing items are aware and working on taking care of these items. Background checks are facing a back log from the other end. There is no other update at this time in regards to the other personnel matter. CCC+ is coming after the start of the year which will affect how we bill. QMHPs will now have to be licensed, which is a large chunk of Region Ten staff. This will be required starting 2019. Construction is taking place in three different locations. All areas are going well. MOHR should be completed by May. The Women’s Treatment Center’s walls are up, so going very well. Greene has a full unfinished basement. The Free Clinic and a low income dental clinic are interested in moving into that space, but would require us to finish the space. Grants are being looked at for a potential renovation and partnerships. Louisa facility is being worked on with the landlord to improve air quality.

 VI.   Consent Agenda

Ms. Hughes asked for any changes to the agenda. Ms. Hughes requested approval of the consent agenda.

 On a motion made by Mr. Wunsh and seconded by Ms. Demleitner, the consent agenda was unanimously approved.

 VII.   Fundraising Committee

There were 29 applications worth a total of $65,263 and 23 will be funded worth a total of $35,983. The only applications that are not being funded are the ones who did not turn in a follow up survey from last year’s grants.

 Motion from the committee: That the Board approve the 2018 List of Power Ten Grant Awards as approved by the Fundraising Committee. The motion was unanimously approved.

 The committee is looking at a Restaurant Information Session as the next Fundraising Event.

 VIII.   Board Retreat Update

Ms. Hughes provide a preliminary agenda. The retreat will take place after Ms. Beitz arrives and has some time to settle into her position. She has requested if anyone has additional thoughts, to please send them to her. The retreat will likely take large portion of the day. Mr. Gould suggests the Board hire someone to lead the retreat. Ms. Phipps will poll the Board for best dates between mid-February and mid-March, looking at 2pm-7pm Fridays, or 10am-4pm Saturdays.

 IX.   Finance Committee

Developer is looking to purchase a half acre from Region Ten that cannot be used by the CSB. However, the property is connected to his residential properties and he would like to develop this. He is offering $50,000. Region Ten’s attorney has reviewed the offer. The assessed value is $45,000.

 X.   Other Business

There was no additional business at this time.

 XI.   Adjournment

The meeting was adjourned.