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February 2017 Board Minutes

February 14, 2017 | 4:00 PM | 800 Preston Ave, room 800-C


Members Present                                        

Albie LaFave                                                   

Jeff Gould                                                      

Brian Pinkston                                                

Jerry Swiggett

Summer Sage

Claudia Allen

Missy Wernstrom, Secretary

Steve Wunsh

Patricia Hughes, Chair

Daniel Krasnegor, Vice-Chair


Others Present

Marcia Becker, Senior Director

Kathy Williams, Senior Director

Leticia Jones, sitting in for Jessica Phipps

Robert Johnson, Executive Director

Jane Lewis, Senior Director

Donald Long, Region Ten Attorney from Lenhart Pettit

Members Absent

Eddie Deane

Elliot Harding

Meeting Minutes


  1. Call to Order

            Meeting called to order at 4:01.

I.   Welcome

Ms. Hughes welcomed everyone to the meeting.

II.   Comments from the public

No comments from the public

III.   Chair’s Remarks

Pat Hughes informed the Board that volunteer Sheelagh Scott has again turned down naming the Women’s Center after her.  She did ask for an Opening Thank You party or event for those who donated to the Women’s Center fund.  Chair welcomed the two new members, Brian Pinkston representing Charlottesville and Steve Wunsh representing Fluvanna.

 IV.   Executive Director’s Remarks

Mr. Johnson spoke about Governor McAuliffe’s 32 million dollar budget for mental health some of which will go towards the same day service initiative.  Two-five million expected to be ear marked for the opioid epidemic in Virginia.  Several million is expected to be ear marked for housing of those with mental health and substance abuse issues.  Region Ten was expecting to present on the Nelson/Lovingston facility to the Nelson Board of Supervisors on February 14th with an offer for the facility.

 V.   Consent Agenda

Chair moved to have the Consent Agenda accepted.  Ms. Wernstrom moved and Mr. Gould seconded.  Motion carried.

 VI.   Personnel Report from Jane Lewis

Mrs. Lewis had promised an updated report on three target problem postings which are Case Worker, Clinician III, and ID/DD.  Region Ten experienced 25% turnover in 2015-2016.  Salaries lag behind state average by about 7.8%.   

 VII.   Region Ten Attorney

Mr. Krasnegor introduced one of the CSB’s attorneys, Mr. Donald Long who explained some of what he does for Region Ten which includes working with banks on Region Ten loans and financing, responding to labor or legal issues that come up, working on contracts for the purchase of land and facilities.  Mr. Long would also deal with zoning issues or changes to be requested.  Mr. Long also reminded the Board members that all emails pertaining to Region Ten business must be kept.

 VIII.   Meeting Times

Mrs. Hughes informally polled those present about the current monthly Board meeting time of 4-6pm.  All agreed the time is fine.  Mrs. Hughes also reminded the Board that there is an attendance component in the by-laws that requires Board members to attend at least 80% of meetings per calendar year.

 IX.   Finance Report on Nelson/Lovingston Facility

Mrs. Williams presented on the newly named Lovingston Assisted Living Facility.  The building is a single story 25,000 sq ft facility with a projected annual operating budget of $194,130.00 which includes FTEs, maintenance of the facility and feeding and care of the consumers housed there.  The current renovation estimate is $1,886,072.50 though this seems likely to change.  The assessed value of the property is $1,966,400.00.  Region Ten is proposing 80% of that value on a five year term.

 Motion was made to authorize staff to negotiate up to 80% of value of facility with Nelson County. Motion was unanimously approved.

 X.   WTC Resolutions

These are needed to indicate who is permitted to sign on behalf of the Board for the Women’s Treatment Center. Albemarle County requested the resolutions. Included will be Robert Johnson and Kathy Williams.

 Mr. Krasnegor motioned to accept the resolutions as written, with a second from Mr. Swiggett. The motion was unanimously approved.

 XI.   Succession Planning Committee

Moving forward. An update and recommendation will be provided at the March meeting on how to proceed over the coming months. The ad has been developed, as well as the job description. This information is now on the website and has been distributed to a number of sources. Posting will be open for a two month period.

 XII.   Adjourn

The meeting was adjourned.