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February 2019 Board Minutes

February 11, 2019 | 4:00 pm | 500-B Old Lynchburg Rd


Members Present

 Jeff Gould, Vice-Chair

Albert LaFave

Barbara Barrett, Chair

Stephen Wunsh

Sena Magill

John Kronstain

Victoria Waterfield

Nadia Anderson

Peggy Whitehead, Secretary


Others Present

Lisa Beitz, Executive Director

Jessica Phipps, Executive Assistant

Matt Quatrara, Attorney- Lenhart Pettit

Kathy Williams, Senior Director

Members of the Public

Members Absent

James Murphy

Nora Demleitner

Meeting Minutes

I.   Call to Order

Ms. Barrett called the meeting to order at 4:00 PM.

II.   Welcome

Ms. Barrett welcomed everyone to the meeting.

III.   Comments from the Public

Ms. Anderson is the new chair for the newly named Peer Advocacy Council. It was requested to use the term “individual” vs. consumer as a way to identify people served at Region Ten. The survey request that is found in lobbies, leaves a number of people served out of the loop on sharing their opinions. It would be better to send the survey to everyone. The council would like to broaden their base. The council would like to work collaboratively with the Board. The council also requested to have an office space back for the officers to use to work from. Laura Swift, spoke to her legislators about STEP VA. Requested that money be designated for more strength based, holistic health options. Feels there is more peer support needed, especially as medications are removed from a regular regime. More money spent on non-medication based supports. Andre Lewis spoke to the Board regarding the gyms located at Region Ten facilities. He feels the gyms should be open to the people Region Ten serves since most people with mental illness live under the poverty level. Feels this should be combined as part of BOOST. He is also concerned about the death rates of people living with mental illness, who he feels is very high, partially due not to being able to attend gyms. His request is to put the people served first. Dawn Pryor spoke about needing a peer advocate on the Leadership Team. That the peers need a voice and a say. She also feels that a peer voice is needed on the Board.

IV.   Chair’s Remarks

Ms. Barrett indicated that Ms. Wernstrom has resigned from the Board. A letter will be sent to Ms. Wernstrom. Mr. Kronstain suggested that the public attending the meeting should apply to be on the Board, or encourage others to do so as well. Ms. Barrett requested that the Board Members review the roster to see if their listed committees are correct. Ms. Barrett recently attended a strategic planning work session. A request was made for a list of acronyms to be provided to the Board.

 Ms. Magill moved to create the acronym list. Mr. LaFave seconded. The motion was unanimously approved.

 Need a new chair for the Personnel Committee. Ms. Barrett requested that the members review the Board Roster for needed corrections.

 Mr. Wunsh indicated that Paul Belair passed away last week. The Board recognized the UVA nursing students who attended the meeting.

 V.   Executive Director’s Remarks

See previous month’s packet. Ms. Beitz passed around a communication from the commissioner. Region Ten is represented on the STAC committee related to STEP VA. Funding for outpatient services has been yet to be decided on. Carl Hayden begins next week as Region Ten’s new IT Director. Director for the Women’s Center was hired, Brittany Sanders. Ms. Sanders started a week ago. Ms. Beitz will provide contact information for them. Annual Report information was provided in the packet. Will provide a regularly monthly update on MOHR, WTC, WRC and ALF. There are 2 and an infant at WTC, 11 at MOHR, 12 and WRC and 6 at the ALF. The MOHR detox beds are not open as of now, so those beds are being used as normal residential beds. STEP VA, Region Ten is not currently meeting the initial goals. They should be able to get an initial evaluation then be seen again within 10 days. However, we do not have the capacity to accommodate that at this time. Models and data are being evaluated to see how this can be addressed. The program is still new, and we are still working through processes. We are short program providers that are needed. Allocation of resources is also another hold-back. Region Ten currently tracks no-shows and cancellations. Currently we are not tracking reschedules. Peer Recovery Specialists, the number in VA seems low at 500+. Is there a credentialing process? A peer support network may be helpful in that STEP VA 10 day window when a follow up appointment cannot be made. Region Ten is looking at this as a consideration. Region Ten also partners with On Our Own for training, for peer specialists, among other ways.

VI.   Consent Agenda

Addition to minutes: Recipients of Power of Ten Grants to be listed along with the amount.

 Mr. Gould moved to approve he minutes as corrected. Ms. Anderson seconded. The motion was unanimously approved as corrected.

 A motion was made by Ms. Whitehead to approve the consent agenda.  Mr. Gould seconded, and the motion was unanimously approved.

VII.   Bond Rate Increase

Mr. Quatrara stated that Fluvanna and Louisa issues bonds to Region Ten for construction. These were issues in 2013. Normally these bonds are protected from Fed rate jumps. There is a yield protection provision. The rate was recently changed. Union Bank has decided to waive the floating interest rate, which will save Region Ten money. The documents currently in place do not allow for that. Don Long will meet with the Finance Committee to discuss changing the bond documents to allow the bank to waive the yield protection provision. The Finance committee should meet earlier than April to address this, unless the Board feels comfortable moving forward.

 Mr. Wunsh moved to have Lenhart Pettit law firm negotiate with Union Bank and bring the final documents to the Board. Mr. Gould seconded the motion. The motion was unanimously approved.

VIII.   Finance Committee

Reduction in funds from Medicaid Expansion continues to be a problem as well as the slow reimbursement rates. Funds are being chased. Region Ten is trying to clean up the authorization process. MCOs seem to be having the same issue with increase in work needed to process authorizations. Workloads  have increased for the finance department as well as providers and programs.

IX.   Other Business

March 15th, 4pm-6pm is the 50th Anniversary Celebration. Mr. Kronstain volunteered to be the chair of the Personnel Committee.

 X.   Adjournment

The meeting was adjourned.