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February 2020 Board Minutes

February 10, 2020 | 4:00 PM | 500-B Old Lynchburg Rd


Members Present

Jeff Gould, Vice-Chair

Albert LaFave

Barbara Barrett, Chair

Stephen Wunsh

John Kronstain

Diane Jacobs

Andre Lewis

Linda Hanson

Ms. D Pryor

Edna Harris

David Szwedo

Nora Demleitner


Others Present

Lisa Beitz, Executive Director

Jessica Phipps, Executive Assistant

Kathy Williams, Senior Director

Marny Bentley, Senior Director

Students from UVA School of Nursing

Jay Chowdhry

Rasuan Smith

Members Absent

Peggy Whitehead, Secretary

James Murphy

Meeting Minutes

I.   Call to Order

Ms. Barrett called the meeting to order at 4:00 PM.

II.   Welcome

Ms. Barrett welcomed everyone to the meeting.

III.   Comments from the Public

Mr. LaFave and members from DSS spoke to the Board about integral groups set up between DSS and ACRJ. The ACRJ groups assist in preparing these individuals for life back in the community, touching on benefits, health, homelessness and housing opportunities. Funding is through the county at this time, though grants will be applied for. The program is under a year old. The groups do work with the fatherhood group, ReadyKids, and others.

IV.   Chair’s Remarks

Ms. Barrett welcomed everyone to the meeting. Ms. Barrett brought attention to the IFSP committee. The first upcoming event is a Valentine’s dance. The May VACSB registration is now open. The conference will be in Williamsburg, May 6-8. Please contact Ms. Phipps if you plan to attend. Ms. Barrett asked that everyone contact her regarding which Board Committee they would like to serve on. Ms. Beitz passed out the VACSB’s Legislative Updates.

V.   Executive Director’s Report

Joanna Jennings has scheduled Town Hall/Community Conversation events in each locality. These are for community outreach and educational purposes. There will be opportunity for individuals to look around each facility these meetings are held in. Ms. Beitz is working with Joanna Jennings to include a monthly news update in the Board packets. The Change committee has finalized the mission statement. They are continuing their work and will be invited to a future Board meeting to speak. The IT Infrastructure is a work in progress. Over the next two years Region Ten faces a large overhaul of equipment and software. The Board is comfortable with Ms. Beitz continuing to update the Board on the IT Infrastructure. The question was raised whether or not consumer connectivity at residential locations will be part of this overhaul.

VI.   Consent Agenda

Ms. Barrett asked if there were any changes to the consent agenda. Mr Gould moved to approve the consent agenda, Mr. Wunsh seconded the motion. The motion was unanimously approved.

VII.   Housing Motion

Region Ten works with two separate landlords. Ms. Beitz sent information related to renting vs. owning the residential locations prior to the Board Meeting. The motion to sell the properties will be held over until next meeting so that Ms. Pryor may receive the information for review.

VIII.   Other Business

There was no other business at this time.

IX.   Adjournment

The meeting was adjourned.