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June 2017 Board Minutes

June 12, 2017 | 4:00 PM | 502-A Old Lynchburg Rd


Members Present

 Patricia Hughes, Chair   

Daniel Krasnegor, Vice-Chair   

Claudia Allen  

Missy Wernstrom, Secretary

Albert LaFave

Summer Sage

Brian Pinkston

Stephen Wunsh


Others Present

 Jessica Phipps, Executive Assistant

Kathy Williams, Senior Director of Finance



CBS 19,NBC 29, and Daily Progress

Myra Anderson

John Anderson

Karen Anderson

Jo Ann Robertson

Veronica Fitzhugh

Frank Richards

Kara Trivigno

Lena Seville

Katrina Turner

Julia Evans

Allison Lee

Mimi Arkert

Ruth Henderson

Mia Henderson

Anna Malinowski

Members Absent

 Elliott Harding

Dr. Jerry Swiggett

Jeff Gould

Eddie Deane

Meeting Minutes

I.   Call to Order

Ms. Hughes called the meeting to order at 4:00 PM.

 II.   Welcome

Ms. Hughes welcomed everyone to the meeting.

 III.   Comments from the Public

Ms. Anderson spoke to the Board regarding her concerns with Region Ten’s handling of her case, as well as Mr. Johnson’s involvement. Ms. Fitzhugh also spoke on Ms. Anderson’s behalf. Ms. Robertson also spoke on Ms. Anderson’s behalf. Ms. Henderson spoke as well. Ms. Hance spoke as well for Ms. Anderson and her own experiences. Ms. Trivigono spoke on Ms. Anderson’s behalf. Ms. Hughes assured Ms. Anderson that her concerns would be addressed after the Board of Directors had time to review all the information.

 IV.   Chair’s Remarks

Ms. Hughes welcomed everyone to the meeting. She indicated that an Ad Hoc Committee is needed for Human Rights. Ms. Sage, Ms. Wernstrom, Ms. Pinkston, and Mr. Wunsh will be part of the committee. Ms. Sage will chair the Ad Hoc Committee.

 A motion was made to create a Human Rights Ad Hoc Committee.

 V.   Executive Director’s Remarks

See previous month’s packet. No report at this time.

 VI.   Consent Agenda

Ms. Hughes asked for any changes to the agenda. Ms. Hughes requested approval of the consent agenda.

 On a motion made by Ms. Wernstrom and seconded by Mr. LaFave, the consent agenda was unanimously approved.

 VII.   Officer Nominations

The suggested slate was reviewed. Mr. Krasnegor asked if there were any other suggestions; there were none. The vote was unanimously approved with Patricia Hughes as Chair, Daniel Krasnegor as Vice-Chair and Brian Pinkston as Secretary.

 VIII.   Budget Approval

The FY18 Budget was recommended for approval by the Finance Committee and unanimously approved.

 IX.   August Board Meeting

Ms. Hughes suggested there be no August Board meeting, as in years prior. The decision will be made during July’s meeting based on possible needs.

 X.   Other Business

There was no additional business at this time. Albemarle County Board of Supervisor Ms. Palmer asked several questions including turnover for entry-level positions with group homes. Ms. LaFave reminded Board members to educate their localities and encourage questions.

 Mr. Krasnegor indicated that the locality numbers for representation need to be revisited. Mr. Krasnegor will look into a proposal via the Governance Committee. Is there a place for a Consumer Board Member that is not based in a locality but solely on having a consumer representation? Perhaps there is a way to do this on the website? Would advisory councils have a place?

 Questions were raised based around Region Ten’s lack of PR.

 XI.   Adjournment

The meeting was adjourned.