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June 2018 Board Minutes

June 12, 2018 | 4:00 PM | Meadowcreek Center


Members Present

 Patricia Hughes, Chair                                                                                        

Daniel Krasnegor, Vice-Chair                                                                               

Jeff Gould

Missy Wernstrom

Albert LaFave

Barbara Barrett

Peggy Whitehead

Brian Pinkston, Secretary

Stephen Wunsh

Sena Magill

John Kronstain


Others Present

 Lisa Beitz, Executive Director

Jessica Phipps, Executive Assistant
Kathy Williams, Senior Director

Neta Davis, Senior Director

Genhi Whitmer, Senior Director

Pam Fisher

Amy Berry

Lisa Barker

R.B., Consumer

A.G., Consumer

L.W., Consumer

A.J., Consumer

S.B., Consumer

S.B., Consumer

P.K., Consumer

Jo Ann Murphy

Victoria Waterfield, UVA School of Nursing

Bonnie Bryant, VA School of Nursing

Donna Jones, UVA School of Nursing

Members Absent

 Nora Demleitner

Meeting Minutes

I.   Call to Order

Ms. Hughes called the meeting to order at 4:00 PM.

 II.   Welcome

Ms. Hughes welcomed everyone to the meeting. She thanked the Meadowcreek staff and consumers for hosting our meeting and taking the time to speak during the meeting.

 III.   Comments from the Public

There were no comments at this time.

 IV.   Chair’s Remarks

Ms. Hughes welcomed the two new Board members from Charlottesville, as well as the students present from UVA School of Nursing. The Board introduced themselves. Brian Pinkston presented Patricia Hughes with a plaque and clock as a thank you for all of her years of service as both Board Chair and Board member.

 V.   Executive Director’s Remarks

See previous month’s packet. Ms. Beitz indicated we are at the beginning of a discussion about Medicaid Expansion and how it will impact the CSB.

 VI.   Meadowcreek Presentation

The waiver redesign allowed for changes within the program which has allowed some smaller ratios and skill building within the community. The Community Engagement grant ends in June, so Meadowcreek staff will be sending in their feedback soon. There are currently 62 consumers at Meadowcreek and 28 are in the Community Engagement program. Power of Ten grants have allowed a Smart Board be installed, subsidized costs for gym memberships, and helped obtain a motorized wheelchair.

 Several Meadowcreek consumers spoke about their experiences at Meadowcreek Center. A few requests were made including funding for activities and an opportunity to study history.

 VII.   Consent Agenda

Ms. Hughes recognized Daniel Krasnegor for his years of service with a plaque. She asked for any changes to the agenda. Ms. Barrett requested to add Public Policy meeting outcomes. Ms. Demleitner was at the Executive Committee Meeting as well, but was not on the minutes.

 On a motion made by Ms. Wernstrom and seconded by Mr. Pinkston, the consent agenda was approved with the above listed changes. Ms. Magill abstained.

 VIII.   Child and Family Update

Ms. Davis provided an update on the Continuum of Care to the Board, also passing out several handouts of accompanying information. Switched from Strengthen Families to Family Checkup. It went from a 10-week series to a 3-5 sessions. Student Assistant positions were funded by a grant. Students who were really dedicated to the program fought to get the funding included in the budget to keep the programs working. The center is also working on obtaining a few private grants to help keep this program running. This is a prevention program as well as offering support to students with MH issues. The center also received some funds for opioid prevention. Child and Family also provides Early Intervention for younger children from birth to about 3 years old. This is a service provided in homes with the parents being coached, throughout all of Region Ten’s coverage area. This service is provided to over 400 children. Outpatient services have become trauma informed. Child and Family also provides therapeutic care, along with Intensive Care Coordination. Therapeutic Day Treatment is the largest program and is offered in the schools. Children’s Crisis Stabilization services are set up like a school day but with trauma services, among others. This is provided to all Region Ten localities but hosted at 500 Old Lynchburg Rd. With the Women’s Center opening, the children will receive checkups, screenings from Part C and receive services if eligible.

 IX.   Nominating Committee

The slate is currently: Chair: Brian Pinkston, Vice-Chair: Jeff Gould, Secretary: Peggy Whitehead. No other recommendations were made.

 The slate was unanimously approved by anonymous ballet and will begin July 1, 2018.

 X.   Personnel Committee

The committee is currently working on the Executive Director’s 6-month evaluation. This will be presented during the July Board meeting.

 XI.   Fundraising Committee

The committee would like to broaden the focus of the committee, which involves changing the name of the committee. This would require a change to the Bylaws. The suggested name is: Outreach Committee, broadening to advocacy to Region Ten Programs and involving consumers and their thoughts, marketing Region Ten to the communities we serve. The committee would work with staff to help the community better understand what Region Ten is, and what we do. There will be some overlap between this community and Public Policy and Advocacy, so both committees would need to be reviewed for proper definitions within the bylaws. A creation of an Ad Hoc committee will gather to discuss bylaws: Ms. Barrett, Ms. Whitmer, Ms. Magill, Ms. Hughes, Ms. Whitehead, Mr. LaFave, and Mr. Pinkston.

 XII.   Finance Committee

Ms. Williams summarized the FY19 Budget.

 The Committee moved to approve the FY19 Budget as presented in May. The motion was approved with two abstentions from Ms. Magill and Mr. Kronstain.

 XIII.   Closed Session.

Mr. Pinkston moved that the Board go into a closed meeting in compliance with Va. Code § 2.2-3712 for the purposes of:

  • Discussion of employment matters pursuant to 2.2-3711.A.1;
  • Discussion or consideration of medical and mental health records pursuant to 2.2-3711.A.16; and
  • Briefings with staff members pertaining to actual or probable litigation where such briefing in an open meeting would adversely affect the litigating posture of Region Ten pursuant to 2.2-371.A.7.

 The motion was unanimously approved. Ms. Beitz, Ms. Whitmer and Ms. Williams were invited to stay for the closed session.

 The Board hereby certifies as follows in compliance with Va. Code §2.2-3712(D):

 To the best of each individual board member’s knowledge, only public business matters lawfully exempted from open meeting requirements under Va. Code §2.2-3711 and only such public business matters as were identified in the motion by which the closed session was convened were heard, discussed or considered in the closed meeting. The entire Board answered aye.

 XIV.   Other Business

There was no additional business at this time.

 XV.   Adjournment

The meeting was adjourned.