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May 2018 Board Minutes

May 14, 2018 | 4:00 PM | 500-A Old Lynchburg Rd


Members Present

 Patricia Hughes, Chair                                                                                        

Daniel Krasnegor, Vice-Chair                                                                                

Jeff Gould

Missy Wernstrom

Albert LaFave

Brian Pinkston, Secretary

Stephen Wunsh

Nora Demleitner

Peggy Whitehead


Others Present

 Lisa Beitz, Executive Director

Jessica Phipps, Executive Assistant

Matt Quatrara, Lawyer

Genhi Whitmer, Senior Director

Kathy Williams, Senior Director

Veronica Fitzhugh

Myra Anderson

Ann Hance

Katrina Turner

Dawn Pryor

Andre Lewis.

Members Absent

 Barbara Barrett

Dr. Jerry Swiggett

Meeting Minutes

I.   Call to Order

Ms. Hughes called the meeting to order at 4:00 PM.

 II.   Welcome

Ms. Hughes welcomed everyone to the meeting.

III.   Comments from the Public

Public speakers included Veronica Fitzhugh, Myra Anderson, Ann Hance, Katrina Turner, Dawn Pryor, and Andre Lewis. The main concerns brought up during the public comments section were related to stigmas, potential PTSD triggers, and public perception. Some consumers are concerned that there are racial biases present. They feel that these explain why a security officer was posted at Peterson.

 IV.   Chair’s Remarks

There were none at this time.

 V.   Consent Agenda

Ms. Hughes asked for any changes to the agenda.

 On a motion made by Ms. Wernstrom and seconded by Mr. Wunsh, the consent agenda was unanimously approved.

 VI.   Nomination Committee Slate

The committee nominates the following slate: Brian Pinkston as chair, Jeff Gould as Vice chair, and Peggy Whitehead as Secretary. The officers will be voted on during the June Board meeting with additional officer suggestions being allowed prior to the vote.

 VII.   Personnel Committee

Ms. Wernstrom passed around the minutes from the last meeting. The Executive Director Contract is coming in June to be voted on. The committee will meet with the Leadership Team to get their input as well.

 The Personnel Committee moves to open negotiations with the current Executive Director for a new contract to run from July 1, 2018 to June 30, 2019. The motion was unanimously approved.

 VIII.   Finance Committee

Ms. Williams presented the FY19 Budget, which will be voted on at the June meeting.

 IX.   Public Policy and Advocacy Committee

Mr. Pinkston reminded the Board to reach out to their legislators to meet with them and discuss Region Ten. Nelson representative sent out a survey to the Board of Supervisors. One has been received back. Mr. Wunsh has had a few phone calls with Louisa representatives. Ms. Beitz indicated the committee is creating a calendar of events to have in each of the localities.

 X.   Executive Directors Report

Lovingston ALF is going to be named Town Creek ALF, which is named for the creek running through the property. Ms. Beitz also showed the Board the logo for the facility.

 A reasonable settlement has been reached with Sparkrock. Munis will be re-evaluated and expanded. Looking to see if there are possibilities for HR.

 Open Enrollment begins May 21st. Sick Bank has been dissolved. The account was overdrawn. Sick bank has not been beneficial as a short term disability option for those staff who were part of it. The intent is that the next open enrollment will have the possibility for short term disability for staff to enroll in. AFLAC currently offers short term disability to purchase by staff. Ms. Wernstrom suggested a donation system for time not being used.

 Ms. Beitz gave some context around the concern about security. There are several different security measures in all the locations around Region Ten. The security at Peterson was brought about due to some voiced concerns as well as an incident on the property in recent weeks. The question is: How do we do safety for everyone?

Some consumers are concerned that there are racial biases present. They feel that these explain why a security officer was posted at Peterson.

 Input from consumers will be sought. Discussed again about having a consumer on the Board, or sitting in to be the voice for consumers during meetings. Ms. Beitz wants to see from the CAC how they see being presented during Board meetings. Are consumer satisfaction surveys utilized?

 Is there a way to have the receptionist be a trained security guard as well? Do the security guards have mental health training?

 The Chair will determine which committee should take up this concern for the future.

 Molly Yates served as the interim director, which is now shifted to Karen Osterhaus. The reopening of Wellness is slated for June 30.

 XI.   Other Business

The next Executive Committee will be May 29th at 5:15pm. There was no additional business at this time.

XII.    Adjournment

The meeting was adjourned.