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May 2019 Board Minutes

May 13, 2019 | 4:00 pm | 500-B Old Lynchburg Rd


Members Present

Jeff Gould, Vice-Chair

Barbara Barrett, Chair

Stephen Wunsh

Sena Magill

John Kronstain

James Murphy

Nora Demleitner

Peggy Whitehead, Secretary

Linda Hanson

Andre Lewis


Others Present

Lisa Beitz, Executive Director

Jessica Phipps, Executive Assistant

Kathy Williams, Senior Director

Joann Jennings

Laura Handler

Members Absent

Albert LaFave

Nadia Anderson

Meeting Minutes

I.   Call to Order

Ms. Barrett called the meeting to order at 4:00 PM.

II.   Welcome

Ms. Barrett welcomed everyone to the meeting. She encouraged the Board to attend the VACSB Conferences if possible. Mr. Gould indicated this is a great time to connect with staff. Ms. Barrett also attended the DD Providers Coalition meeting. They will be having an upcoming Coffee and Chat. She attended an Integrated Housing meeting by DBHDS. They will be hosting a series of trainings, one of which will be held at Region Ten. Ms. Barrett and Mr. Gould have both been attending the Strategic Planning Sessions. Ms. Barrett indicated she’s impressed by the work of Region Ten’s quality staff.

 Mr. Lewis requested to add to the agenda the discussion about protecting documents at Region Ten, as well as better protecting the image of Region Ten.

 III.   Comments from the Public

There were no comments at this time.

IV.   Chair’s Remarks

Ms. Barrett indicated that Ms. Waterfield is moving to New Orleans and will be leaving the Board effective immediately. Ms. Demleitner is reapplying. Ms. Magill will be leaving the Board. Mr. Kronstain has reapplied. Ms. Hanson has reapplied. Ms. Anderson’s term is ending in June as well.

V.   Executive Director’s Remarks

See previous month’s packet. Ms. Beitz addressed Mr. Lewis’ request for additional items to be added to the agenda. Region Ten is a HIPAA protected entity. If an individuals speaks about their own individual case, we as an agency are unable to respond. We can discuss the agency in a general manner. Certain documents are public documents, such as manuals, and can be requested and shared by FOIA. The agency does share information through news articles, TV spots, etc. that can pass along the good news of Region Ten and our services and programs.

Region Ten is becoming the fiscal agent of Region 1. This area covers things such as LIPOS and DAP funds, among others. The Regional Office will also be expanding. This change will not cost Region Ten. These changes Will also come with two new (funded) positions to assist expansion of the Regional Office.

ALF Updated: There are 60 beds, 10 of which are open to the public and private insurance. 19 beds are filled. This program will be solvent.

Health Insurance costs will be taken care of by the agency, no cost will be passed on to the staff. We are switching from Aetna to Anthem.

Friendly Oaks in Louisa has had a significant decrease in attendance. Central VA Health System approached Region Ten addressed needing to move from their facility and suggested a partnership similar to the Peterson Building. Discussions are underway about how to possibly proceed. The potential is to sell Friendly Oaks and transfer consumers to another day program. CVAHS would split the costs in half with Region Ten and take over the bottom floor of a new facility in Louisa. Region Ten owns a lot in Louisa beside DSS that could be used for this purpose. It was suggested that we consider working with Martha Jefferson as well as a dental clinic for future integrated care clinics.

Region Ten will receive rent from the Genoa Pharmacy, but this is still in discussion at this time.

The Post-Ken Hardy group has continued the discussion about how to proceed as an agency working towards diversity and inclusion. Groups are forming for staff to participate in to encourage discussions in various formats. These groups include diversity and inclusion book groups, walking groups, etc.

Mr. Kronstain has some concerns about school-based services. These concerns include models used as well as areas of self-harm, suicide, and bullying. City of Charlottesville held a Youth Mental Health First Aid training for sophomores. He suggested this might be beneficial for younger students since we are seeing more of these mental health concerns at younger ages.  It was suggested that Mr. Kronstain speak with Neta Davis and Marcia Becker.

VI.   Consent Agenda

Mr. Gould motioned to approve the agenda. Ms. Magill seconded. The agenda was unanimously approved.

VII.   Nominating Committee

Ms. Demleitner brought forth the committee’s proposed officers: Ms. Barrett as Chair, Mr. Gould as Vice-Chair and Ms. Whitehead as Secretary. The vote will take place at the June Board Meeting.

VIII.   Power of Ten Grants

Joanna Jennings and Laura Handler presented the Region Ten Grants. The grants are known for being a great internal support to staff to give an extra boost to their programs. The process allows staff to research their grant suggestion, write the grant, and once the funds are awarded, to bring their ideas to fruition. This program has provided FTC informational books, an smart white board to Meadowcreek, green houses, First Aid kits, etc.

IX.   Budget

Ms. Williams provided some handouts. A lot of progress has been made in collecting outstanding claims. Collection time is getting better, but there is still a wait time. The agency has not had to use the line of credit.

Ms. Williams provided the FY20 Budget Projection. The Finance Committee will meet to discuss the projected budget and bring a motion to the Board at the June meeting for approval.

The Finance Committee needs more Board Members on the committee.

X.   Strategic Plan

Mr. Wunsh motioned to support the Strategic Plan process. Mr. Gould seconded. The motion was unanimously approved.

XI.   Closed Session

Ms. Barrett moved that the Board go into a closed meeting in compliance with Va. Code § 2.2-3712 for the purposes of: Discussion of employment matters pursuant to 2.2-3711.A.1. The motion was seconded by Mr. Gould and unanimously approved. Ms. Williams was asked to stay.

Ms. Whitehead, Mr. Gould and Mr. Kronstain exited the closed session.

Ms. Barrett moved that the Board hereby certifies as follows in compliance with Va. Code §2.2-3712(D):

To the best of each individual board member’s knowledge, only public business matters lawfully exempted from open meeting requirements under Va. Code §2.2-3711 and only such public business matters as were identified in the motion by which the closed session was convened were heard, discussed or considered in the closed meeting. The following members present confirmed this statement: Ms. Barrett, Mr. Wunsh, Ms. Magill, Mr. Murphy, Ms. Demleitner, Ms. Hanson and Mr. Lewis.

 XII.   Bylaws

Service Time listed for Officers is different than Member terms. If an Officer serves a partial term, do they still only serve 3 years, or can they serve a fourth year (3 full years and a partial year).

Bylaws will be voted on at the June meeting. Any suggested changes should be went to Barbara.

Section 5, subsections C and D (page 5). Both indicate the Board will update on Board activities. The language should be changed to indicate Region Ten CSB, not the Board itself.

Section 2, Officer Election will be by secret ballot.

XIII.   Executive Director Contract

Mr. Gould motioned to extend Lisa Beitz’s contract for a period of one year. The motion was seconded by Mr. Wunsh. The motion was unanimously approved.

XIV.   Other Business

There was no additional business at this time.

XV.   Adjournment

The meeting was adjourned.