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October 2019 Board Minutes

October 14, 2019 | 4:00 pm | 500 Old Lynchburg Rd, Room 500-B


Members Present

Barbara Barrett, Chair

Stephen Wunsh

John Kronstain

Diane Jacobs

Nora Demleitner

Peggy Whitehead, Secretary

Andre Lewis

Linda Hanson

Ms. D. Pryor


Others Present

Lisa Beitz, Executive Director

Jessica Phipps, Executive Assistant

Members Absent

Jeff Gould, Vice-Chair

Albert LaFave

James Murphy

Meeting Minutes

I.   Call to Order

Ms. Barrett called the meeting to order at 4:00 PM.

II.   Welcome

Ms. Barrett welcomed everyone to the meeting.

III.   Comments from the Public 

There were no comments at this time.

IV.   Chair’s Remarks        


Ms. Barrett asked if the Board would like to rotate sites for Board Meetings. It was suggested that this take place once or twice a year. The first one will take place at the ALF in Nelson Co. A van can be provided to help with travel.

 The question was raised on how to handle holidays that fall on Board meeting days. It was suggested to have the meeting take place on a Tuesday, or a different Monday in these instances.

 Mr. Kronstain motioned, and Mr. Wunsh seconded the motion to hold the November Board Meeting on November 18th to honor Veteran’s Day. The motion was unanimously approved.

 The October 28th Executive Committee has been canceled.

 The VACSB Conference took place in early October. The next conference is in January in Richmond.

 An article was in the Daily Progress about state cuts effecting cuts to programs in the school systems. Please read this and speak to your legislators.

 The 20-22 Budget Priorities were provided in the packet.

 After the election, the LAC will provide talking points to the Board to speak about with legislators. Ms. Phipps will provide the new contact information once elections are finished.

V.   Executive Director’s Remarks          


See previous month’s packet. Ms. Beitz has been visiting the programs within the agency to share the Strategic Plan with staff and gathering feedback. Each visit has been different with different conversations and concerns. It was suggested that staff should have their own strategic plans to assist the agency plan.

 In the spring the agency will schedule several town halls to introduce Region Ten to our communities, gather information, answer questions, and gain feedback. We hope that legislators will join the community at these events.

 The Finance Committee did not meet in September. The upcoming meeting will be with the audit firm to discuss the audit.

 A new property has been found in Fishersville for the Adult REACH home. The Department is funding the new house at 1.2 million. What is not used in the purchase will be used to expand and renovate.

 Cedar Hill and Nunley appraised at $335,000 each. The agency would like to enter a contract to sell these properties then rent them from the new owners. They are being considered for sale to reduce overhead.

 Ms. Whitehead motioned to support the concept of selling the two properties and renting them back. Ms. Pryor seconded the motion.

Concern was raised about getting maintenance handled in the rentals we currently have. There have been occasions when getting a maintenance call handled in a timely matter was difficult. More information was requested, financial and how maintenance is handled.

 The question was asked if the agency can hire inspectors to look over the homes to gain a better understanding of conditions and upkeep.

 Ms. Beitz would like to hear experiences from the Board related to housing before she goes back to staff with anything.

 The motion has been tabled for a future meeting based on information gathered by Ms. Beitz. Ms. Whitehead withdrawals her motion at this time.

VI.   Consent Agenda 

Mr. Kronstain moved to approve the consent agenda. Mr. Wunsh seconded the motion. The motion was unanimously approved.

VII.   Other Business 

November 21st is the next Fundraising Committee meeting. They will be reviewing the Power of Ten Grants. The committee is looking for help with the grants as well as members for the committee. 11:00am in room 502-A.

VIII.   Adjournment 


  1. The meeting was adjourned.