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Psychosocial Rehabilitation

October 27, 2014 | 0 Comments
by Martha Maltais

Psychosocial rehabilitation serves individuals  recovering from the impact of mental illness. These program provide a safe and supportive environment with opportunities for rehabilitation. Together with staff, members design a plan to achieve personal recovery. This service offers a supportive environment where members take part in recovery-oriented activities. Those include learning to work in ways that reinforce personal achievement, empowerment and increasing psychological and social skill development. The activities act as building blocks that club members use to gain more satisfying relationships, personal growth, and productive employment in the community. The social opportunities in the clubhouse increase members’ confidence as they develop new friendships and rejoin the community.  Program opportunities and recovery-inducing work reinforce the clinical treatments, other psychiatric rehabilitation and supports. Clubhouse aims to support the fullest possible recovery, to integrate members as an active and productive member of his or her family and community.

Persons must be eighteen years of age or older, be diagnosed with a serious mental illness.


 Full payment is required. Funding sources include Medicaid, Discharge Assistance Planning funds and self-pay.


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Martha is the Senior Director of Adult Development Services for Region Ten Community Services Board.