Behavioral Health Equity (BHE) Speaker Series at Region Ten
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September 14, 2021

Behavioral Health Equity (BHE) Speaker Series at Region Ten

This free lecture series is being provided through a BHE grant and is open to the public.

Region Ten is pleased to offer the following virtual lecture series on the “Intersection of Race, Gender Identity and Behavioral Health.”

If you are interested in attending one or more of the trainings, please send an email to Jennifer Bates at with your name, organization, names of sessions to attend, and email address. Region Ten staff should register through Trilogy. Zoom links will be provided for registered attendees. Attendees may choose to attend any of the trainings listed, however the content of the training is targeted for the specific work group identified in the topic title.

Speaker Bios:

Charley Burton: Charley is the National Program Director for Black Transmen Inc, which is the first and only national organization solely for Black Transmen. Charley is a board member of Cville Pride, PFLAG of the Blue Ridge and Board chair for University of VA Trans Advisory Council. Charley was also one of the founding board members of Black Transmen Inc., and a board member for Equality VA.

Lauren Collins, LCSW: Lauren has taught VCU graduate students through an equity lens for the last three years. She also worked for a large hospice organization and served as assistant director of the mental health program at Virginia’s largest, maximum security women’s prison. Lauren holds a certificate in Diversity & Inclusion from Cornell and a certificate in Integrated Primary Care and Behavioral Health.

Dr. Eli Coston: Dr. Eli Coston is a faculty member of VCU’s Dept. of Gender, Sexuality and Women’s Studies. Eli is an activist-scholar who received their PhD in Sociology from Stony Brook University, specializing in Gender and Sexuality, and Race and Ethnicity. Their research examines how the intersections of race, class, and gender create differing experiences of marginalization and oppression for people who are LGBTQ+

DeHaven Mays: DeHaven (pronouns: they/them) is a non-binary educator and youth advocate. They have worked the last five years serving youth throughout Virginia and working to create spaces for LGBTQ youth to be their authentic selves. DeHaven holds two graduate degrees, has lived in Richmond for 11 years and has a 60-pound pit bull who makes working from home very challenging. DeHaven will be presenting on Intersections for youth and young adults, specifically geared towards supportive adults in their lives.

Chimdindu (Chimmy) Ohayagha: Chimdindu is a doctoral student in the Counseling Psychology program at VCU. She completed her bachelor’s degree in Exercise Science at Georgia State University and her master’s degree in Clinical Rehabilitation Counseling. Her clinical interests involve cultural, familial, and international approaches to disability rehabilitation and adjustment, particularly in underserved racially and ethnically diverse groups with underlying neurological conditions. Her interest also extends to understanding social determinants of health that influences recovery and adjustment to acquired neurological conditions.

Dr. Anjali Gowda Ferguson: Dr. Ferguson is a Clinical Psychologist who specializes in trauma-informed care, early childhood mental health, and parenting. Dr. Ferguson’s research includes culturally competent models of care with efforts to promote community engagement of diverse populations and demystify mental health. Dr. Ferguson earned her Doctorate in Medical Clinical Psychology at the University of Alabama at Birmingham. She is currently the staff psychologist for the Child Development Clinic in the division of Developmental Pediatrics at the Children’s Hospital of Richmond at VCU.

Schedule of Date | Time | Speaker | Topic:

15-Sep | 10-11AM | Burton | Keynote for All Staff
22-Sep | 10-11 AM | Burton | Peers
29-Sep | 2-3:30 PM | Coston | Admin Staff
4-Oct | 9-12:30 PM | Collins | Clinical direct care staff
1-Oct | 10-11:30 AM | Coston | Non-clinical direct care staff
6-Oct | 2-3:30 PM | Coston | Supervisors
15-Oct | 1-4:30 PM | Collins | Clinical direct care staff
19-Oct | 9-10:30 AM | Coston | Supervisors
20-Oct | 2-3:30 PM | Coston | Non-clinical direct care staff
26-Oct | 9-10:30 AM | Mays | School staff
26-Oct | 11-12 PM | Mays | School staff
27-Oct | 2-3:30 PM | Panel Discussion and Q&A
11-8 | 9-3:30 PM | Ferguson & Ohayagha | Cultural Pride & Racial and Identity Development in Children *This session will be recorded and available for a limited time*

Download the Speaker Series Flyer HERE. Questions? Email

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