About us

Region Ten is where people go for help with mental health, substance use and/or developmental disabilities. Those who qualify for Medicaid, have insurance, and those with no payment source receive services designed to help them achieve their individual goals and recovery. Region Ten has more than 35 different programs to aid and support all ages from babies with developmental delays, teens who have experienced trauma, adults with a serious mental illness, and those struggling to maintain a drug-free life. Region Ten provides a variety of outpatient, intensive outpatient, day support and residential programs with 24/7 crisis support. The agency’s mission is Working Together to Enrich Our Community One Life at a Time.

Our people

Region Ten is one of the top 20 employers in the local planning district and employs more than 500 full-time staff to provide services to those in need of mental health, substance use and developmental disability services. Region Ten employs housekeepers, residential support staff, program managers, accounting and billing staff, plus many certified, licensed and/or credentialed clinical staff such as LPC, LCSW, QMHP, and others. The agency aims to hire staff who are passionate about community behavioral health and are committed to the people we serve.

Racial equity foundational statement

Region Ten recognizes that addressing racial equity concerns within the organization is a critical part of our mission. Racial inequities harm everyone, including the people we serve, our staff, and the community at large. We also recognize that when race intersects with other social identities such as ability, age, class, ethnicity, gender, religion, and sexual orientation, harmful inequities are compounded. Region Ten acknowledges that unless we make an intentional commitment to addressing personal, institutional, and structural racism within our agency, inequities in our organization and services will persist. Click here to learn more.

Executive Office Staff and Leadership Team

Board of Directors

  • Barbara Barrett
    Chair of Board
    Albemarle County
  • Peggy Whitehead
    Nelson County
  • Patricia Heggie
    Nelson County
  • Alex Stott
    Board Member
    City of Charlottesville
  • Francesca Diggs
    Board Member
    City of Charlottesville
  • Joe Szakos
    Board Member
    City of Charlottesville
  • Dave R. Opper
    Board Member
    City of Charlottesville
  • Dr. Joseph Mason
    Board Member
    Albemarle County
  • Dr. Barry Blumenthal
    Board Member
    Albemarle County
  • Mary Katherine King
    Board Member
    Albemarle County
  • Stephen Wunsh
    Board Member
    Louisa County
  • Austin Baker
    Board Member
    Fluvanna County
  • Wendy Mitchem
    Board Member
    Greene County
Working at Region Ten

Region Ten is a network of support providers, clinicians, administrators, and managers who work to provide person-centered behavioral health services for the community. Some staff begin their careers at Region Ten and move on to other ventures, while others continue working at Region Ten for the majority of their working years. Region Ten is always looking for more people who are passionate about community-based behavioral health services. Please explore the career opportunities below.



A better life, a better


Working together to enrich our community one life at a time

Core Values
We persist so that we can instill hope and support the capacity for recovery, empowerment and growth.
We value truth and transparency, and we accept responsibility for our actions with those we serve, our partners, communities and each other. We are transparent in our decision-making process and with the data that informs our decisions.
We operate creatively within a regulatory environment, striving always to continuously improve, reduce barriers and achieve outcomes.
We welcome and respect everyone. We are a place where all people are supported, heard and included.
We engage in shared decision making and active communication with our community partners, those we serve and each other. We value and embrace diverse viewpoints and expertise.
We treat all individuals as unique persons with strengths and challenges, capable of defining their own goals and aspirations. We promote mutual responsibility and accountability for the direction and outcome of services.

The first residential program in the United States developed specifically for people who were experiencing serious mental health symptoms was established in Williamsburg over 200 years ago. An international movement to provide services to individuals who needed more assistance than their families were able to provide at home came next. Unfortunately, the facilities that were created were neither effective nor appropriate.

Through this national experience, it was learned that the institutionalization of individuals with serious mental illness and/or intellectual disabilities was not the answer. Following the advocacy and leadership of John F. Kennedy’s administration, as well as the actions of Congress in the 1960s, the country was charged with developing a community mental health system that would be effective and accessible to all America.

The Charlottesville-Albemarle Community Mental Health and Mental Retardation Services Board was established on February 2, 1969 by Ms. Isabel Amorous Palmer and Mr. William T. Stevens. It was the first multi-jurisdictional community services board chartered and was eventually renamed to its current, “Region Ten Community Services Board” to give appropriate recognition to the service area and the four participating rural counties – Fluvanna, Greene, Nelson and Louisa. There are now 40 community services boards serving every city and county in Virginia. They operate under the auspices of the Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Disabilities in Richmond.

Region Ten's 50th Anniversary
Important Updates

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