Children’s Services Act (CSA) Vendor Fair
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June 16, 2023

Children’s Services Act (CSA) Vendor Fair

Efforts to outreach more BIPOC-owned services to become connected to CSA planning and provide services was a success!

On June 1st, the Children’s Services Act (CSA) Planning Team hosted a vendor fair at Carver Recreation Center to provide an opportunity for existing and interested potential CSA vendors to network and share information about their services.  Local case managers and referring agents were also invited to meet the vendors and gather more information about the diverse resources and services in the community in order to increase the diversity of offerings to youth who utilize CSA services. The efforts to outreach more BIPOC-owned services to encourage them to become CSA vendors allows for case managers who make the referrals to expand their service offerings. These efforts ultimately help to promote resilience, especially with historically marginalized and underserved youth.  There was a great turnout at the vendor fair with more than 74 vendors in attendance.

Region Ten would like to thank all of the vendors, case managers, and sponsors for coming together to make this event possible.  Check out some pictures from the event below and look out for more events in the coming months!




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