Region Ten Racial Equity Foundational Statement

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Region Ten recognizes that addressing racial equity concerns within our organization is a critical part of our mission. Racial inequities harm everyone, including the people we serve, our staff, and the community at large. We also recognize that when race intersects with other social identities such as ability, age, class, ethnicity, gender, religion, and sexual orientation, harmful inequities are compounded. Region Ten acknowledges that unless we make an intentional commitment to addressing personal, institutional and structural racism within our agency, inequities in our organization and services will persist. For these reasons, Region Ten commits to work towards creating an agency that:

· Rejects all forms of racism as destructive to our mission, vision, values, and goals

· Attracts and retains diverse staff

· Creates equal opportunity for leadership and advancement for all staff

· Fosters a culture of inclusion within our organization

· Trains staff to understand and address individual, institutional and structural racism

· Provides racially and culturally sensitive services for the community we serve

· Engages in partnerships that are committed to creating more equitable systems for the people we serve and our community

Key resources

Charlottesville Albemarle Youth Opportunity Center
Region Ten Financial/Billing Resources
9-8-8 Lifeline
CSB Directory
Important Updates

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