Day Program

Day Program

A safe and supportive environment that promotes independent living for those recovering from mental illness

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Service Overview

These programs serve people who are recovering from mental illness by providing a safe and supportive environment that promotes independent living, social and interpersonal skills, and relapse prevention.  Attending daily classes provides education about mental illness, substance use, and appropriate medication.  Engaging in volunteering opportunities and engaging in social activities promotes empowerment, recovery, and competency.  Services include:

  • Face-to-face Service Specific Provider Intake (SSPI) that identifies treatment needs
  • Development of Individualized Service Plans (ISP) which identify an individual’s needs and goals in the area of mental health recovery and stability in the community
  • Psycho-educational activities to teach about mental illness and appropriate medication to avoid complications and relapse
  • Social skills training, peer support, and community resource development to promote empowerment, recovery, and competency
  • Opportunities to learn and use independent living skills, and to enhance social and interpersonal skills
  • Field trips to provide training in an integrated setting in order to increase an individual’s understanding or ability to access community resources and meet goals outlined in the ISP

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Eligibility Criteria
  • An individual must meet one of the following criteria:
  • Have experienced long-term or repeated psychiatric hospitalizations;
  • Experience difficulty in activities of daily living and interpersonal skills;
  • Have a limited or non-existent support system;
  • Be unable to function in the community without intensive intervention;
  • Require long-term services to be maintained in the community.

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