Developmental Disabilities Case Management

Developmental Disabilities Case Management

Person-centered services designed to support each individual in living a safe, healthy, and productive life as independently as possible

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Developmental Disabilities (ID/DD) Case Management is a person-centered service that connects individuals with a developmental disability to service systems and community supports to address specific, multiple, and/or changing needs of individuals and families.  Case management assists individuals and families in gaining timely access to needed medical, psychiatric, social, educational, vocational, and other supports essential to meeting basic needs.  Case Managers monitor the individual’s progress within service systems, enhance the individual’s potential and quality of life, and assure comprehensive and quality care.

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Intellectual Disability (ID) Case Management is a service offered by Developmental Disability case managers.  ID is one type of Developmental Disability. 

The Community Services Board serves as the single point of entry for an individual, family member, or representative requesting DD Case Management and/or DD Waiver services. Individuals seeking DD Waiver services for persons with any developmental disability will have diagnostic and functional eligibility confirmed by their local CSB and, as appropriate, be placed on the single statewide waiting list.  Although Case Management is not a DD Waiver service, it is required for all DD Waiver recipients and paid for by Medicaid.

If a person is eligible for Case Management, a case manager will spend time with them to learn about their strengths, preferences, and what is important to them in order to be healthy and safe.  The Case Manager, Service Providers, family members, and others a person chooses will meet together to help develop an Individual Support Plan (ISP).  The Individual Support Plan is person-centered and includes desired outcomes and supports in the important life areas of work, home, community, and recreation.

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Program Length
Service can be ongoing or as needed depending on service needs
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Eligibility Criteria
  • Formal diagnosis of Intellectual or Developmental Disability.
  • Copies of any evaluations or assessments completed by professionals that determine the level of functioning.
  • The psychological evaluation or accompanying documentation must address intellectual functioning, adaptive behavior and age of onset.
  • In order to receive DD case management services, individuals must first meet criteria to be placed on the statewide DD waiver waitlist.
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  • License
  • Photo ID
  • Proof of income
DD Waiver Services download DD Waiver Services


You can find answers to our most frequently asked questions about this service here. If you’ve got a question we haven’t covered, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Expand What is the DD Waiver? What is the DD Waiver?

Waivers are Medicaid-funded community-based alternatives to institutional care like hospitals and nursing homes. The term “waiver” comes from waiving the requirement that in order to receive certain services (such as residential supports, nursing supports, employment supports) the individual must live in an institution. Through the waivers, individuals may receive these services while living in the community.

There are three waivers available for individuals with a developmental disability:

  1. Building Independence Waiver (BI),
  2. Family and Individual Supports Waiver (FI)
  3. Community Living (CL) Waiver.
Expand How do I get a DD Waiver How do I get a DD Waiver

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Expand How long does it take to get a waiver? How long does it take to get a waiver?

The need for DD waivers is greater than the number of slots that state has to distribute.  Some people wait for many years before they receive one of the DD waivers.  An impartial body of trained volunteers established for each locality/region chooses individuals eligible for a waiver slot by their urgency of need when slots become available.   Waiver committees are composed of community members who are not employees of a CSB or a private provider of either case management or waiver services. Waiver committee members are knowledgeable and have experience in the DD service system.

Expand What services are available while I am on the DD waiver waitlist? What services are available while I am on the DD waiver waitlist?

The CCC Plus Waiver can be utilized by individuals who have an intellectual/developmental disability with significant personal care and/or medical support needs.  Its services are primarily attendant and respite care.  The CCC Plus Waiver has fewer services, but no waiting list at all.  About 1/3 of the people on the DD Waiver waiting list also qualify for the CCC Plus Waiver and use it while they wait to receive a DD waiver funding slot.  Screening for the CCC Plus Waiver is coordinated by your local department of social services.

Case Management services can also be utilized to monitor, link and coordinate services and community resources to help meet individual’s needs.

Individuals on the waiver waitlist also have access to the Individual & Family Support Program (IFSP).  The IFSP helps families and individuals with intellectual/developmental disabilities find supports and to connect with other families.


Key resources

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My Life, My Community
Virginia Navigator for Developmental Disabilities
DBHDS Resources for DD
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