Residential Services

Residential Services

Intensive residential supervision, training and support to people with serious mental health challenges

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Service Overview

Staff provide skill training, direct assistance, and coordination of care in all facets of community living so that individuals may live more independently.  Services include assessment of needs, development of an Individualized Service Plan (ISP), instruction in activities of daily living, coordination of psychiatric and medical care, education about community resources, opportunities for socialization, and coordination and support of vocational rehabilitation. Staff in these programs provide 24/7 supervision.

Region Ten has three residential sites in Charlottesville – Nunley Street, Cedar Hill Lane, and Carlton Road.


Program Length
The average stay is 1-3 years
Contact Info
Available Locations
Eligibility Criteria
  • Must be an adult, over age 18
  • Must have diagnosis of Serious Mental Illness (SMI)
  • History of psychiatric hospitalization


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Expand How do I get into residential services? How do I get into residential services?

Individuals are typically referred through intake (ACCESS) or an individual’s case manager.   The Program Manager will review the referral for eligibility and appropriateness for the service.

Expand What kind of residential services can I expect? What kind of residential services can I expect?

The services are person-centered and are geared toward skill-building with the goal of enabling the individual to achieve greater independence in the community and greater stability.   Examples of activities include assistance with medication management,  money management, menu planning and grocery shopping,  maintaining a clean apartment, assistance with laundry, personal hygiene, assistance with medical and psychiatric appointments, assistance with community resources including seeking out available resources for transportation where appropriate.


Key resources

Charlottesville Albemarle Youth Opportunity Center
Region Ten Financial/Billing Resources
9-8-8 Lifeline
CSB Directory
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