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Privacy Notice

The Board shall provide every consumer or his legally authorized representative if applicable, with a paper copy of the Privacy Notice at the time of his first appointment or in an emergency situation as soon as reasonably practical after the emergency. This notice informs consumers or Legally Authorized Representatives if applicable, of the uses and /or disclosures of the consumers’ protected health information the agency is allowed to make, the individual’s rights and the agencies responsibilities with regard to protected health information in compliance with the HIPAA Privacy Rule. Except in an emergency, the Board shall make a good faith effort to obtain written acknowledgement of the receipt of the notices by obtaining the consumer’s signature on the Orientation to Services/Human Rights acknowledgement form. The Board shall assure access by posting the Privacy Notice in a clear and prominent location at each program site. Consumers may request a Privacy Notice at any time during their episode of care. Privacy Notices must be promptly revised, distributed and posted at all service sites whenever there is a revision.

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