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Hiring Process

Here you can find information on Region Ten’s hiring process. If you have any questions, please contact Human Resources at 434-972-1879 .

Online Application Process Transition

Region Ten Community Services Board’s on-line employment application provides applicants secure access to their application 24 hours a day. 

To apply for open positions click on the “Apply Here” link in the vacancy announcement .  This will take you to Region Ten’s  on-line system where you can establish an account and create an application.  A PIN Number will be issued to you.  Please note that the PIN Number is your applicant ID that will allow you to access your application when applying for any future jobs.  The web address for the new application site is: https://regionten.munisselfservice.com/employmentopportunities/default.aspx

Region Ten Hiring Process

1. A Region Ten Application is necessary for consideration for employment.

A resume may accompany your application but cannot be used in place of an application.

Region Ten positions indicate a deadline. No applications will be accepted after the deadline specified for that position.

2. Hiring supervisors review all applications.

3. Hiring supervisors call perspective applicants for interviews, and testing, if necessary for the position.

The interviewing selection and hiring is done entirely by the hiring supervisor and is not a Human Resources function.

There is no specific time frame for filling a position. Some supervisors make quick decisions and set up interviews within two weeks; others take a month or longer.

Credentials/references will be verified.

A DMV record is required for positions with a driving requirement.

Current proof of auto insurance is required for positions with a driving requirement.

4. Once an applicant has accepted a position, a hiring form is signed and submitted to Human Resources.

New employee is given a job description and sheets explaining the benefit package and insurance costs, based upon their percentage of time.

Notice is given to the employee regarding where and when to attend Region Ten Community Services Board orientation.

5. Orientation is required for all new employees.

Fingerprinting and a criminal background check are performed as is a Child Protective Services search. All employment at Region Ten is contingent upon acceptable results from these background checks.

Company policy is explained.

Orientation is scheduled monthly.

6. All applications are returned to Human Resources.

A letter is sent to all applicants indicating that the position is filled.

7. Advertising methods

Every Sunday’s Daily Progress

An Open Position Memo that is published every Friday – Available in Human Resources office

8. Region Ten Community Services Board has detailed job descriptions available for all open positions.

Available in Human Resources office

Available, if requested, by mail

Linked to the Open Position Memo for each position