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Case Management Services

case management support services for adults, children, and adolescents

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Mental health case management works to ensure that service systems and community supports are responsive to the changing needs of adults with serious mental illness.  This service seeks to assist individuals in gaining access to needed medical, psychiatric, housing, financial, social, educational, vocational, and other supports essential to meeting basic needs. The individual is a partner in assessing their own needs, obtaining services and other supports, monitoring those services, and in preventing and managing crises.  Case management utilizes a person-centered approach with a focus on promoting health and recovery.

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Program Length
Case closure will occur at the request of the individual served and/or at the successful achievement of or progress toward treatment goals.
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Eligibility Criteria
  • Individuals who have been diagnosed with major mental health disorder (e.g., schizophrenia, schizoaffective disorder, bipolar disorder)
  • Individuals whose level of disability results in at least two functional limitations in major life activities
  • Individuals who have had an extended duration of the disability.

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