Substance Use Services

Substance Use Services

services for individuals struggling with substance use disorders

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We provide a wide array of substance use treatment throughout our locations.  We provide a comprehensive continuum of care to meet individual preferences and needs as well as recommended levels of care.  This continuum includes: outpatient therapy (group and individual), Case Management, Care Coordination, Intensive Outpatient Program, Co-occurring treatment, peer support, and residential levels of care.


You can find answers to our most frequently asked questions about this service here. If you’ve got a question we haven’t covered, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Expand Can I seek help for a loved one? Can I seek help for a loved one?

We are happy to answer questions for family and others; but, all services are voluntary and individuals need to seek services directly. All services at Region Ten are confidential, and information is only shared when a consumer has signed a release or Advanced Directive for a specific person.

Expand Can I smoke? Can I smoke?

Region Ten buildings and grounds are smoke free. We offer Auricular acupuncture and smoking cessation groups, which have been proven to help reduce cravings.

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